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About Us

My name is Craig Gonzalez, I am the owner along with my wife Malia Hursey of Furry First Class. We started this business because we once needed this service and it was so hectic to get my girl destiny from Florida all the way to Washington state. We did finally find a good transporter to bring my baby to me, but due to the hard process we decided to start are own pet transporting business we have been in business for over two years now with over 600 transports and tons of positive reviews. Our love for animals and experience in driving cross country had made this the perfect business for me and my family.


 Our highest priorities are the safety and well-being of your pets, and their timely delivery wherever you need them. We are able to guarantee our trademark speedy delivery times by driving as a team. We take shifts driving and resting, allowing us to travel further and more quickly than our competition, without risk of fatigue or mistake.


We take breaks every 3-4 hours, during which we’ll check on your baby, give them a walk and fresh air, and ensure that their food and water are topped off. Additionally, our secretary is available to contact the entire duration of the trip, and will happily answer calls and text or provide photo/video updates of your fur baby’s status at any time.


For the safety of your pet and our crew, we do request all available documentation pertaining to your fur baby, such as vaccination records, last physical, required medications, etc. If you have any questions regarding the documents we need, please contact us.


Payment is split up in two payments. A deposit for half of the total is due the day of booking, and half due the day of pick up. For your convenience, we accept credit/debit cards, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo and Paypal.


Cancellation policy:

Cancel 2 weeks before pick up, you will get refunded 100%
Cancel 1 week before pick up, you will be refunded half of your deposit.
Any trip canceled less than 1 week before pick up will forfeit the deposit.

*If we cancel, we will refund you your deposit 100%

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